Monday, December 2, 2013

Britney Spears - "Britney Jean" Review

Britney Spears is releasing her 8th studio album tonight at midnight so I thought I would throw my two cents in and write a review.  Our girl has been saying for months this is her most personal album ever.  Some reviewers and fans have been complaining that the album is in no way personal  I disagree because to me, the album is very personal.  Britney co-wrote on every track which instantly makes it personal, and you can sense situations and feelings Britney has dealt with in the tracks.  I will explain in more detail with a track by track review of the standard edition.

1. Alien - This is one of the songs I was most excited about hearing.  William Orbit did amazing things for Madonna, and I knew he could work some magic with Brit as well.  "Alien" is an ode to the loneliness Britney must feel in her life.  This could be due to a break up, her conservatorship, or even loneliness in fame.  If this isn't a personal song, I don't know what is.  This is the first song I have been able to connect to Britney through on an emotional level in quite a long time.  I was very proud to feel that way.

2. Work Bitch - Is there even a reason to review this song?  We have all heard it a million times.  I wasn't a fan at first, but the song grew on me substantially.  What makes this song special is the incredible breakdown/bridge towards the end of the song.  In that moment the song turns from a party song to an anthem for everyone to be themselves and keep their heads high!  Love it!

3. Perfume - I have been saying for years, "Britney needs to work with Sia!"  Finally my wish came true on the brilliant, "Perfume."  Britney sounds amazing without all the unneeded effects that drown the emotion from her beautiful voice.  She proves she can emote with the best of them and gives a stellar performance.

4. It Should Be Easy feat. - This song is growing on me, but I truly find the robotic effects on Britney's vocals to be way too much.  Otherwise, the song is very catchy, and I love the lyrics.  Sometimes we really need to stop trying so hard and just love, great message! #NoDrama

5.  Tik Tik Boom feat. T.I. - Huge highlight of the album for me!  This song brings me back to the "In The Zone" days.  Britney gets a little slutty and we absolutely love it.  The chorus and hook are super catchy and will slay on radio.  This must be a single because a music video would be so hot!  Also, Britney's runs at the end of the song remind me of "Stronger" in the best way!  T.I. adds a super hot verse to the song, one of his best in recent memory.  If you aren't singing "Tik Tik Boom" all the time in your head, LISTEN AGAIN!  It will happen!

6. Body Ache - My very favorite song on the album!  This is just a classic Britney dance song that will have you killin it in the club!  You can't ignore the pulsating beat, and I can't even begin to imagine how amazing the remixes will be!  This song is very personal to Britney because girl loves to dance!

7. Til It's Gone - One word, "rave anthem!"  This song drops the beat like no other on the album.  It is like Femme Fatale turnt up about 50 notches.  "Til Its Gone" also proves you can have very personal and emotional lyrics in a dance song.  Britney's vocals on this song are some of her best.

8. Passenger - Britney has finally given us a power ballad, and it is pretty epic!  The song is co-written by Britney, Sia, and Katy Perry.  Britney sings about letting go and letting herself become immersed in love and feeling safe.  It is also an anthem for being free in love.  Britney sounds amazing and the song is quite beautiful as well as very meaningful.  I think this song will connect with many fans on an emotional level.

9. Chillin' With You feat. Jamie Lynn Spears - It is so exciting to hear Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn singing together.  Their voices are quite different, but they both sound great in this song.  The song itself is lyrically simplistic, and it works for the song.  I love the contrast in the folk verses and urban hook.  This is really a sweet song about enjoying time with your friends and family.  Some reviewers are being overcritical.  You know they are just jealous Jamie Lynn is chillin' with Britney and not them!

10. Don't Cry - This is the big breakup song of the album.  Britney has been saying for months that some of the songs reflect her breakup, this is it!  Every time she talks about this break up, she never seems too upset by it.  This is perfectly reflected in this song.  Britney is pretty much done with the relationship and wants to leave it on a good note.  She coaxes her partner to just move on because their love is gone and broken.  "Don't Cry" is an emotional break up song with an upbeat message.  Britney wants to leave and knows she can and will survive outside of the relationship.

Britney has given us everything we, as fans, have been begging for forever!  We got the personal ballads we love plus the dance songs we live for!  Great job Britney!  Another smash of an album.  Now, release "Tik Tik Boom" as the third single and get that #1!  I'm still holding out hope "Perfume" gets proper radio play.  It's currently climbing back up the iTunes chart.

Happy Birthday and thanks for giving us the best birthday present ever!

Britney's Dancers Give Her A Surprise Party For Her Birthday!

What an awesome birthday present!  Britney's dancers had a surprise birthday party for her this morning!  Glad her dancers love and appreciate Britney as much as the fans do!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shocking X Factor Results! (Spoilers)

The results of X Factor's double elimination are in and some of the results are quite surprising.  If you have yet to watch X Factor tonight, DO NOT READ FURTHER!  SPOILERS!

The act with the lowest number of votes was:

Lyric 145

The two acts that sang for survival were Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia.

Paige sang, "The Reason"

Jennel sang, "Paradise.

The act that eventually went home is...

Jennel Garcia.

Way to go Team Britney!  All four still on the show!

A Super Fit Looking Britney Spears Hits Up Starbucks Before X Factor!

A very fit looking and skinny Britney Spears hit up Starbucks before going to work for tonight's live X Factor show!  Looking so good Brit!

Photo credit:

Vote For Britney For The People's Choice Awards!

Click the link below to vote for Britney for the People's Choice Awards!  Britney is nominated for "Favorite Celebrity Judge."  Also vote for X Factor as "Favorite Competition TV Show."  We need to vote for Britney as much as possible because I would love for her to attend the ceremony and win!  She has been doing a lot of press lately so I have a feeling she might just attend this year!  Click the link below to vote for our girl!

X Factor Ratings Rise 12%!

We have some great news for the X Factor!  Yesterday's performance episode had an increase in ratings of 12%.  The episode garnered 2.9 in the coveted 18-49 ratings/share and 8.09 million viewers.  Add in DVR usage and the show should be over 10 million!  This is the largest ratings for the show since FOX messed up scheduling for the show a couple weeks ago!  I expect tonight's double eviction episode will continue this growth because of Taylor Swift's performance.

Glad this great show is starting to get great ratings!

Friday, December 16, 2011

99.99% Sure Britney Spears Is Engaged!

Rumors have been out of control lately regarding Britney Spears getting engaged to boyfriend/former agent/Criminal (ha!) Jason Trawick!  Britney just tweeted the following message that pretty much confirms the rumors!  Congrats to the happy couple!  I couldn't be more happy for you Brit!  Wishing you always the best as always!  Check out the tweet below! <3.

 Britney Spears 

OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo